How to Clean Lace Up Sneakers to Keep it Fresh and Awesome?


Lace up sneakers are one of the most common footwears tHat you’ll ever see on this planet. For those of you who aren’t aware of the term yet, lace up sneakers are basically any shoes tHat have their upper parts covered by laces. It can come in the form of shoes, such as sneakers and office shoes. But despite its awesome appearance, people still wonder how to clean lace up sneakers, due to their added feature. 

Lace up sneakers, just like any other shoes (or any other properties you own, for tHat matter!) needed regular maintenance. But before starting to brush off your favorite items, you need to make sure that you have the proper knowledge of how to clean lace up sneakers, which includes, but not limited to, the ways, items needed, and the frequency of cleaning the lace up sneakers. Down below, you’ll find the answer of how to clean lace up sneakers in order to keep your footwear fresh and stylish all the time. 

It’s Important to Clean Lace Up Sneakers Regularly

Sneakers, just like any other items that you hold dear, are prone to dust and dirty particles. That’s the reason why you should know the importance of cleaning lace up sneakers regularly before knowing the secrets of doing it properly. Some of you might wonder: how often should we clean our lace up sneakers? While the answer to that question depends on the usage of the item, we generally round it out to around once a month. Even if you just keep them in your closet or locker, it’s still nice to wipe them slowly, as we’re pretty sure that your lace up sneakers will still collect dust.

Keep Them Fresh: Avoid Bad Image Just Because of Your Appearance 

Yes, it’s essential for casual or sneaker addicts to take care of their prized possessions. Whether you’re using them or not, clean lace up sneakers will make you look more presentable. You could be attending either a formal or informal event, but surely both occasions will require you to look fresh and charming, right? After all, nobody in their right mind would want people to perceive them in a negative way, and your image might be perceived badly just because you wore dirty and worn-out sneakers.

Some Lace Up Sneakers Have High Values, But They Won’t Be If They’re Damaged or Dirty!

Some of you might notice while others don’t, but lace up sneakers might have a high sell-on value. Well, of course we’re talking rare and premium lace up sneakers that will be going up in demand as time goes by. However, you should kiss those hopes goodbye if you don’t take good care of your lace up sneakers. If you want to sell those lace up sneakers for double, triple or four times the price you bought, then make sure to put on a good shift and clean lace up sneakers once in a while!

Items Needed to Keep Your Lace Up Sneakers Clean

The notion of cleaning lace up sneakers might be easy, but it’s far more complicated than you can think of. In fact, there are some materials and equipMent that you need to gather before learning how to clean lace up sneakers. Here are some essential things that you need to have:

  1. The Tools

To discuss further about must-have tools required to accomplish the mission we must break it into two different categories. The first one is items that can already be found in your house already. It includes a brush and a soft cloth. A toothbrush can also be great to brush off some sticky particles. All of them have different roles and functions, and are essential in keeping your lace up sneakers clean. It’s not really necessary to have it, but you can also use a magic eraser!

The next category will be the one that requires a bit of effort from your end. Plus, these items can’t be used for any other things except for cleaning your sneakers. But bear in mind that tools like shoe brush and suede brush will be able to deliver the final blow and kill off any bacteria or dirty particle that sticks on your lace up sneakers. 

  1. Supplies and “Formulas”

Depending on the “dirtiness level” of your lace up sneakers, you might want to use some extra supplies and formulas to get rid of dirt. Try and gather these things around:

  • Dish Soap
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Detergent

Please note that all of the ingredients above aren’t required to be used at the same time. As an example, you can use a mixture of baking soda and white detergent if you don’t have the others!

Now, Let’s Get Going and Clean Your Lace Up Sneakers!

At long last, we have arrived at the main part in our article that tries to answer how to clean lace up sneakers. Truth be told, there are different ways to clean your lace up sneakers. For a more practical way, you can use a cleaning machine to wash dirt from your lace up sneakers. 

Machine Wash Your Lace Up Sneakers

Yes, you can use a laundry machine to wash your favorite items. It can even make them look as good as it once was when you first purchase it, provided that you follow these steps:

  • Make sure to separate the laces from your shoes. They should be cleaned separately, as the threads can easily be messy enough inside the washing machine. What you want to do is store them inside a pouch or bag that is zip-tight. 
  • Do some pre-cleaning the day before. Yes, machine washing your shoes doesn’t mean that you won’t have to handle them manually. In fact, you need to clean some parts with brushes and deodorize the sneakers with baking soda the night before. Then, clean off the baking soda before proceeding to the next step.
  • Insert the lace up sneakers inside a safe and secure pouch or bag. It will help protect the shoes from damaging other outfits or apparels inside the machine. Don’t forget to use liquid detergent!
  • Dry the shoes afterwards. You can even use an electric dryer to speed up the process. Once done, store them in a safe and clean place. 

See, it’s not so hard to clean lace up sneakers with a laundry machine! But there’s just one thing: not all sneakers are up to the task! If you look up at the label (or do some online research), you’ll notice that incompatible sneakers will warn you that they are safe for “hand-washing only”. Don’t worry, though, because we’re going to run through ways of cleaning lace up sneakers manually!

Handwashing Your Lace Up Sneakers

As Mentioned before, not all sneakers are made to withstand the might of machine washing. Therefore, it’s important for you to master the art of handwashing your lace up sneakers. It might be challenging for first-timers, but it sure is fun as heck. 

  • Prepare all the necessary ingredients, supplies, and tools needed. This includes baking soda, a toothbrush, and many more items (you can look up if you forgot, you know!). Start creating a special mixture to the supplies, such as mixing the baking soda and detergent. You can also use dish soap or create your own special formula. Hot tip: make sure to add warm water too, as it might make the dirty particles easier to scrub off. 
  • Just as we’ve discussed the machine-washing technique, you can remove and wash the laces separately. Despite their tiny nature, they will prove to be challenging to be cleaned if you don’t remove them from the shoes.
  • Start off by slowly brushing your shoes using a shoe brush. You can scrub dirt from the soles all the way to the upper part of the lace up sneaker. 
  • After the foreplay, things will become more serious when you apply your special formula to clean the sneakers. To use it, apply the formula to a brush or a soft cloth. Then, clean the sneakers thoroughly. Don’t forget to brush off the sneaker’s holes used to contain the laces together. You can wash the inner part of the shoes with warm water and a mild laundry detergent. 
  • Once it’s done, absorb the water and formula with a clean sponge. You don’t need to make the shoes completely dry, as you can just leave them out to dry naturally. Then, store them in your preferred place!

We know that cleaning lace up sneakers thoroughly will cost you time and money. But if you truly love your items, then it won’t feel difficult at all!

Despite going through all the steps above, different circumstances still require different approaches. If you want to answer the question of how to clean lace up sneakers that are very dirty, then make sure to hand wash them by following the steps we have run through before. They really need to have special care and attention. But for a mint shoe that catches some dust, rubbing it with a soft cloth with hot water might be enough!

What Household Items Can You Use to Clean Lace Up Sneakers?

You can use various household items like a toothbrush, liquid detergent, and white vinegar to clean your lace up sneakers. Despite recomMendations to use professional items like a shoe brush, you can still manage to return your sneakers to their glory days with household items. 

What is the Best Homemade Cleaner for Lace Up Sneakers?

The best homemade cleaner for lace up sneakers will be a simple formula that you can come up with, such as a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. After making this cool formula, dip the toothbrush inside the mixture and start scrubbing. 

Is It Better to Wash Lace Up Sneakers by Hand?

For some cases, it will be better to wash lace up sneakers by hand. After all, some shoes can’t stand the strong current of the laundry machines. But if they’re compatible with machine wash and are not dirty enough, then it’s better and easier to wash lace up sneakers with a machine. 

Is Baking Soda Good to Clean Lace Up Sneakers?

Yes, baking soda is good to clean lace up sneakers, though not on their own. It is advisable to try and mix it with white vinegar to create a nice formula that can wipe off dirt and dust. 

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